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Dog Training & Behavior Services
About Me


We believe that the pawsibilities are endless on what you and your dog can accomplish together. From basic obedience, to team sports, to more, there's no limit in sight.

Using the most up-to-date scientific methods, we help you and your dog work together to achieve your goals. Each and every one of them. 

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Thoughts From The Pack

building confidence

We have been so appreciative of y’all and all of your guidance. Lila will be five this December, and for five years we have been very mislead with training strategies for her. We honestly weren’t aware just how much her social anxiety was preventing her from living her absolute best puppy life. We felt the whole realm of negative emotions when it came to her behaviors: frustration, heartbreak, anxiety, disappointment. We just didn’t understand how the puppy we loved so much was struggling so much because you just don’t know what you don’t know. She’s an amazing dog and we want her to feel as amazing as she is! It has been so comforting to find trainers who love her, who see the best in her, and who don’t pressure with training strategies and tools that may not work for her or for us. It is also comforting to have people who see her for how we see her: a sweet, smart, funny girl with some quirks to work out and a lot of potential. Thank you for tapping into that and for giving her the confidence she needs to thrive! Lila loves you guys and we are so very, very grateful! 

— Hillary R.

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